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E-lecture "Theory of Frustrated Magnetism"

The lecture will give an introduction to the field, primarily from a theoretical and conceptual perspective. It will cover general ideas, concrete models for frustrated magnets, theoretical methods such as spin-wave theory, parton constructions, and gauge fields, as well as advanced topics. Relevant experimental observations will be discussed as well.


Tunable resistivity exponents in the metallic phase of epitaxial nickelates



Prof. Dr. Beatriz Noheda, Groningen

International school - gapless fermions

This winter school is to teach central developments of the study of correlated metals.


Topology: complementary approaches to a common concept

The first HR-PostDoc Workshop happening at the Graduate School building in JMU-Würzburg.

Local and non-local spectroscopy of quantum matter

IFMP Seminar

Majorana edge modes in topological superconductors

Colloquium of the Würzburg Institute of Physics


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Crystallization and vitrification of strongly correlated electrons on geometrically frustrated trian

Kenichiro Hashimoto will give a Special Institute Seminar at Hermann-Krone-Bau, Hörsaal KRO/1.11A, Nöthnitzer Str. 61, 01187 Dresden


Kickoff event for the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat

Kickoff event for the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat at the Residenz Würzburg (Fürstensaal).

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