deRSE24 – Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany

Date & Facts

0507 Mar 2024

The forth conference in Germany addressing research software and the people behind it within the German research landscape will be held in Würzburg on March 05-07, 2024. Here a plethora of subjects spanning from best practices to software sustainability will be presented for an audience of 200 participants.



Lecture Hall of the Natural Sciences (NWHS), Würzburg, Germany


Registration - until Feb 1, 2024


Live streams: (Hörsaal 1) (Hörsaal 3) (Hörsaal 5)


We are expecting a lively mix of 200 attendees from different research domains. The purpose of this national conference is to get together with people who develop software that is used in any field of research. We call these people Research Software Engineers (RSEs), but they exist under many job titles (from postdoctoral researcher to research associate and faculty).


We welcome domain researchers, but also people who fund, develop, run or maintain research software and may not typically attend conferences. It’s a community conference: Get involved and help us build the RSE community in Germany! So save the date, and spread the word to your peers who are in any way involved in software for research.


Contributions in the form of talks (short or long), posters, workshops, and other formal and informal session proposals are welcome. Find further information on the deRSE24 Website.


Scientific Program


  • Research Software
    • Best Practices
    • Computational Reproducibility
    • Research Software Support
    • Digital Literacy in Research
    • RSE Education
    • Careers
    • Computational Workflows
    • Infrastructures for scientific computing
    • Project Management
    • Research Data Management/ Research Software Management
    • Funding
    • Open Source
    • Policies and legal frameworks
    • Domain Specific Languages
    • RSE Research
    • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
    • Computing Architectures
    • Digital Humanities
    • Cloud Technologies
    • High Performance Computing
    • Software Metadata
    • Software Management Plans
    • Software Sustainability
    • Requirement Engineering UX & UI
    • Larger Infrastructural Organizations
    • Legacy Software


  • Other
    • Software


  • Continuous Integration
    • Basic
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    • CI Topics in RS and beyond!


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