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Local and non-local spectroscopy of quantum matter

IFMP Seminar

Majorana edge modes in topological superconductors

Colloquium of the Würzburg Institute of Physics


(3 Events)

Crystallization and vitrification of strongly correlated electrons on geometrically frustrated trian

Kenichiro Hashimoto will give a Special Institute Seminar at Hermann-Krone-Bau, Hörsaal KRO/1.11A, Nöthnitzer Str. 61, 01187 Dresden

QMA retreat

The quantum matter academy will have its first retreat to connect and discuss. The meeting will be held from 08.10. - 10.10.2019 at the Dorint Parkhotel in Meißen.


Kickoff event for the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat

Kickoff Event for the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat at Residenz Würzburg (Fürstensaal).

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