Vision & Mission

The newly established Würzburg-Dresden Center for Topological Quantum Matter Research functions as a bridge between the condensed matter research institutions at Würzburg and Dresden. Our aim is to develop a deep understanding of topological phenomena in general and to identify materials in which those phenomena can be observed in the laboratory.

Recent Publications

  • 26 Sep 2023

    Phys. Rev. B

    Marginal Fermi liquid at magnetic quantum criticality from dimensional confinement

  • 29 Aug 2023

    Phys. Rev. B

    Maple leaf antiferromagnet in a magnetic field

  • 23 Aug 2023

    Phys. Rev. B

    High-field phase diagram of the chiral-lattice antiferromagnet $\mathrm{Sr}(\mathrm{TiO}){\mathrm{Cu}}_{4}({\mathrm{PO}}_{4}{)}_{4}$

  • 22 Aug 2023

    Phys. Rev. B

    Sublattice interference promotes pair density wave order in kagome metals

  • 17 Aug 2023

    Applied Physics Letters

    Huge magnetostriction in superconducting single-crystalline {BaFe}1.908Ni0.092As2

  • 04 Aug 2023

    Advanced Science

    Macroscopic quantum tunneling of a topological ferromagnet

  • 24 Jul 2023

    Phys. Rev. B

    Exact quantum ground state of a two-dimensional quasicrystalline antiferromagnet

  • 24 Jul 2023

    Phys. Rev. Res.

    Topological classification of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with frequency dependence

  • 11 Jul 2023

    {SciPost} Physics Core

    On the boundary conformal field theory approach to symmetry-resolved entanglement

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