Vision & Mission

The newly established Würzburg-Dresden Center for Topological Quantum Matter Research functions as a bridge between the condensed matter research institutions at Würzburg and Dresden. Our aim is to develop a deep understanding of topological phenomena in general and to identify materials in which those phenomena can be observed in the laboratory.

Recent Publications

  • 24 May 2022

    Phys. Rev. B

    Temperature-driven reorganization of electronic order in ${\mathrm{CsV}}_{3}{\mathrm{Sb}}_{5}$

  • 20 May 2022


    All topological bands of all nonmagnetic stoichiometric materials

  • 09 May 2022

    Nature Physics

    Directional ballistic transport in the two-dimensional metal PdCoO2

  • 05 May 2022

    Nature Communications

    Fermi surface chirality induced in a TaSe$_2$ monosheet formed by a Ta/Bi$_2$Se$_3$ interface reaction

  • 27 Apr 2022


    Observation of a linked-loop quantum state in a topological magnet

  • 27 Apr 2022

    Nat Rev Phys

    Polariton condensates for classical and quantum computing

  • 12 Apr 2022

    Phys. Rev. Lett.

    Nematic Quantum Criticality in Dirac Systems

  • 05 Apr 2022

    New Journal of Physics

    Interplay of charge density waves, disorder, and superconductivity in 2H-TaSe$_2$ elucidated by NMR

  • 31 Mar 2022

    Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem.

    Design of High-Temperature Syntheses on the Example of the Heavy-Atom Cluster Compound Sn[PtBi6I12]

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