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Physics for everyone: Women in physics – ct.qmat science talks for the general public

On the occasion of International Women's Day, three junior ct.qmat scientists are inviting the broader public to take a closer look at the fascinating research of scientists Katherine Johnson, Emmy Noether and Lisa Randall.


GHN-colloquium with Prof. Ana Akrap (University of Fribourg)

The GHN-Colloquium talk series features the female scientists of the Grete-Hermann-Network (GHN)—a newly founded international network of female researchers in condensed matter physics and neighboring research areas to give a lecture on their research and current projects, as well as about their career paths.


deRSE23 – Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany

The third conference in Germany addressing research software and the people behind it within the German research landscape will be held in Paderborn on February 20-22, 2023.


Kitty Q gaming lounge at the SPIN2030

ct.qmat scientists will be demonstrating the award-winning app “Kitty Q – A Quantum Adventure“ at a science fair following the “SPIN2030 – Agenda für die Wissenschaft“ launch event.


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Women's Leadership Development: unconscious bias, public speaking, and body language

Successful talks and communication are the result of comprehensible speaking, a convincing voice, clear expression, and appropriate body language. In this exclusive career development workshop for female early career researchers, the participants will learn how to convincingly present their ideas.


Quantum Alliance Online Community Networking Event

At the virtual Community Networking Event, QA alumni will provide an overview of the challenges and advantages of career pathways outside of the university. Subsequent networking sessions will give PhDs and postdocs of the Quantum Alliance and beyond the chance to (re-)connect with young scientists from all over Germany.


Physics for everyone – ct.qmat science talks for the general public

Three junior ct.qmat scientists are inviting the broader public to take a closer look at the fascinating physics behind quantum computers, black holes, and the end of the universe.


Third QMA Retreat (Friedrichroda)

QMA members will meet in Friedrichroda (Thuringia) to discuss their projects.


Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat at the TU Dresden Campusfest 2022

To mark the “10 Years of Excellence” anniversary, the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat will be taking part in the TU Dresden Campusfest 2022. Cluster admin staff and scientists will be providing insight into its research and knowledge and technology transfer as well as explaining what cats and donuts have to do with quantum physics.


DPG Symposium SYQM

During the DPG Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section (SKM, September 4-9, 2022) in Regensburg there will be a symposium on Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter (SYQM) organized by ct.qmat.


Frustrated Metals and Insulators

The ICTS workshop “Frustrated Metals and Insulators” aims at bringing together a diverse community of condensed matter researchers to push the state of the art and extend understanding towards a synergetic foundation of frustration phenomena.


CT.QMAT22 – International Conference on Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter

CT.QMAT22 is an international conference on emerging quantum phenomena resulting from topological physics and its interplay with many-body interactions in diverse quantum matter settings, from topological electron materials to quantum spin systems to photonics.

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