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Quantum Computing: What Does the Computer of the Future Look Like?

The quantum computer is associated with hopes for a revolution in the digital world: It is expected to solve tasks that even the largest supercomputers today fail to tackle. By using quantum bits, it could become faster, more accurate, and more efficient than any existing computer. But how does a quantum computer actually work? What challenges does research face? And what opportunities, but also risks, does it entail for politics, economy, and society? These and other questions will be discussed by the director of the Walther Meißner Institute of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BAdW), Stefan Filipp, the theoretical physicist Ronny Thomale, and the academy member and experimental physicist Laurens W. Molenkamp – and they would be delighted to discuss them with you!


Kitty Q gaming lounge at Löbau

Dive into the extraordinary quantum universe at the Kitty Q gaming lounge and solve puzzles rooted in mind-bending quantum phenomena! The gaming lounge will be taking place as part of the fair for training and careers - INSIDERTREFF - at Löbau.


Fifth QMA Retreat

In Bamberg we will meet and talk about your projects.


SRitp Workshop - Quantum Chaos and Holography 24

This five-day workshop aims to foster collaboration among string theorists, condensed matter physicists, mathematical physicists, and other experts in quantum chaos. It seeks to introduce participants to key models and results while outlining unresolved problems in the field. Main themes include studying chaos signatures in quantum many-body systems, developing unified approaches to dynamics across different time scales, creating new theoretical techniques for analyzing chaos in complex systems, and exploring chaos implications for related fields like quantum information and black hole mechanics.


Grand Opening Weekend for the Kitty Q Escape Room!

Technische Sammlungen Dresden and the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat will be celebrating the arrival of Kitty Q and the inauguration of the new escape room on the opening weekend on Saturday and Sunday, April 27/28.


BeWISE – Women in Science and Engineering

The three day conference offers numerous workshops (parallel workshops in English) and coaching opportunities. During fireplace talks with experienced female professors (role-models), the participants will be able to get into a conversation with them on career paths in research.


Workshop on Scientific Writing

We are delighted to announce a TEP & ct.qmat sponsored Workshop on Scientific Writing by Miranda Vinay on 11th of April. Miranda, a Nature editor, will share her insights on Science writing for the public versus manuscript writing and Researcher discoverability, strategies for improvement, and its impact on your career.


Cluster Retreat 2024 Weimar

Junior and senior cluster-affiliated scientists will meet in Weimar for three days of scientific exchange and networking.


deRSE24 – Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany

The forth conference in Germany addressing research software and the people behind it within the German research landscape will be held in Würzburg on March 05-07, 2024. Here a plethora of subjects spanning from best practices to software sustainability will be presented for an audience of 200 participants.


GHN-Fireplace-Chat in Würzburg

With Adriana Pálffy-Buß and Elena Hassinger


Engage in conversation with leading female scientists in quantum physics. How did they get to where they are? What obstacles did they encounter along the way? Did gender matter? What tips can they offer you for your career?


German-Japanese Workshop ー 日独ワークショップ

We are delighted to announce an upcoming workshop co-sponsored by the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat in collaboration with esteemed colleagues from Japan. This unique event aims to bring together experts and researchers across various cluster areas for a two-day exploration of cutting-edge topics in quantum materials.


Workshop - Fractional Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect and Fractional Chern Insulators

Exploring the fractional quantum Hall physics at zero magnetic fields is a flourishing research frontier attracting broad interest from both experimental and theoretical communities. This workshop will bring together researchers working on relevant topics to discuss the very recent breaking development and exchange the ideas in this exciting field.

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