Research Data Management

In collaboration with the Information Technology Centre of JMU Würzburg, we are setting up Data Management Solutions that will allow us to comply with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable data) principles required for scientific data management and stewardship. For that matter, we envision the idea of a collaborative Data Management Solution which will serve the cluster researchers as an integrated platform for, among other things, sharing, preserving, citing, exploring and analyzing their research data. For this purpose, a web application based on a combination of such repositories as, dataverse, and wholetale will be set up. At the hardware level, the core will be formed by a Kubernetes Cluster for providing a common backend for the services and an S3 Object Store with a size of 1.5 PB.


All the aforementioned hardware will be part of the High Performace Computing (HPC) Cluster „Julia“ of JMU and will be available to all ct.qmat members. Our aim is that this service will be available early in 2021. We believe that this effort will provide a German-wide unique data management platform that will allow to access and analyze data collaboratively and remotely. We are also in close contact with the FAIRmat.


For all requests and questions concerning data management you can contact Jonas Schwab and/or Florian Goth.

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