Cold Chips and Quantum Mysteries: Preview the Kitty Q Escape Room at SPIN2030


Dive into the world of quantum physics with Kitty Q, the cute, half-dead cat who adores cold chips and quantum puzzles. This freaky feline is the main character and namesake of the first quantum physics-themed escape room in Germany for youngsters, currently being set up at the Dresden Museum of Science and Technology in partnership with the Dresden-Würzburg Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat. Join us for an exclusive sneak peek at the SPIN2030 Science Festival in Dresden on March 8 and 9, 2024, and be among the first to try out the cold chips puzzle table from the quantum kitchen. Institutions supporting the project include the Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism (SMWK).


Building a Quantum Apartment 

“Desperately Seeking Kitty Q!” captures the essence of the soon-to-come adventure at the Dresden Museum of Science and Technology. The ct.qmat Cluster of Excellence is meticulously crafting a captivating experience across four enigmatic rooms, inviting visitors to unravel the mysteries of quantum physics on a thrilling quest in search for the adorable, half-dead cat Kitty Q. Designed for schools, families, and groups of friends, the Kitty Q Escape Room promises a delightful blend of education and entertainment, immersing participants in the fascinating realm of quantum phenomena inside the quantum apartment.


A Glimpse into the Future with Cold Chips

“In this preview of the escape room, we want to ignite visitors’ curiosity and show them something of the benefits our fundamental research has to offer,” emphasizes Matthias Vojta, professor of theoretical solid-state physics at the university TU Dresden and ct.qmat’s Dresden spokesperson. The preview will focus on the subject of cold chips – next-generation computer chips made from novel quantum materials that don’t get hot when electricity passes through them. Their energy-efficient design promises to redefine the future of technology. “We all know what an overheated smartphone feels like! Our daily gadgets dissipate considerable heat when in use,” explains Vojta. “At ct.qmat, we’re exploring the class of materials called topological insulators that could eliminate heat generation in electronic devices.”


Award-Winning Inspiration 

The conception of the Kitty Q Escape Room draws inspiration from ct.qmat’s acclaimed mobile game Kitty Q – A Quantum Adventure. Since its launch in autumn 2021, it’s been downloaded more than half a million times worldwide and has won international awards such as the Goldener Spatz in the DIGITAL category at the German children’s media festival Goldener Spatz 2022. What’s more, at the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2022, it was voted one of the top ten European game apps in the Play Store. As a result, Kitty Q now even has its very own German Wikipedia entry!


Like the mobile game, the real-life adventure will be playable in both German and English. The Kitty Q Escape Room is a collaborative endeavor between ct.qmat, the Dresden Museum of Science and Technology, and app designer Philipp Stollenmayer, who came up with the appearance of the cute, half-dead cat and also designed her captivating environment.


Catch a Glimpse of Kitty Q at SPIN2030

On March 8 and 9, 2024, ct.qmat will be showcasing a sneak preview of its new quantum adventure – the Kitty Q Escape Room – as one of the highlights of scientific Saxony at the SPIN2030 Science Festival. Hosted by the Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism, the festival will be held at the Dresden Museum of Science and Technology.


Visitors can put their puzzle-solving skills to the test at the Cold Chips puzzle table, which will soon be part of the kitchen in the cryptic quantum apartment. The festival will also feature a gaming lounge where visitors can explore ct.qmat’s award-winning mobile game Kitty Q – A Quantum Adventure together with app designer Philipp Stollenmayer. In addition, young scientists will be on hand to answer questions about the fascinating quantum world.


Professor Matthias Vojta will be available to answer questions at the Meet the Scientist table on March 8 from 1 to 2 p.m. and on March 9 from 3 to 4 p.m. (2nd floor, Wellenreiter).


Date & Facts

07 Mar 2024


Testing cold chips! The Kitty Q Escape Room – the first quantum physics-themed escape room in Germany for youngsters – is being built at the Dresden Museum of Science and Technology. The four enigmatic rooms in the quantum apartment are currently being set up. And the first quantum conundrum – a puzzle table devoted to the theme of cold chips – can be tried out live at the SPIN2030 Science Festival on March 8 and 9, 2024.

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The SPIN2030 Science Festival will take place on

Friday, March 8, 2024, from 12 noon to 10 p.m. (Exhibit World until 6 p.m.), and

Saturday, March 9, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

at Technische Sammlungen Dresden (Junghansstrasse 1–3, 01277 Dresden).

Admission free.


Ever wondered what a quantum apartment looks like?

Ready to join Kitty Q on a quantum escapade?

Kitty Q in Wikipedia?


Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat

The Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat – Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter has been jointly run by Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) Würzburg and Technische Universität (TU) Dresden since 2019. Over 300 scientists from more than thirty countries and four continents study topological quantum materials that reveal surprising phenomena under extreme conditions such as ultra-low temperatures, high pressure, or strong magnetic fields. ct.qmat is funded through the German Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments and is the only Cluster of Excellence in Germany to be based in two different federal states.


Kitty Q Escape Room

The Kitty Q Escape Room is co-financed with tax revenue under the budget adopted by Saxony’s regional parliament.


Media contact

Katja Lesser

Referentin für Wissenschaftskommunikation

Exzellenzcluster ct.qmat

Tel: +49 351 4633 3496


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