Area C - Topological Photonics

Topology as a new organizing principle opens up unprecedented possibilities in photonics, promising novel physics to be unraveled and exciting applications to be invented. Area C intends to explore topological states of light in both real and reciprocal space by designing and investigating novel single photonic devices and crystals. The main research objectives of Area C are related to the emergence of the optical Berry phase in photonic resonator devices, the properties and design of 2D and 3D photonic topological insulators, topological polariton and electric circuits – topological simulators based on exciton-polaritons and classical circuits, and chiral quantum networks with spins and photons on the basis of color quantum centers.

Recent Publications

  • 19.07.2020

    Wafer-Scale High-Quality Microtubular Devices Fabricated via Dry-Etching for Optical and Microelectronic Applications

  • 03.06.2020

    Observation of bulk boundary correspondence breakdown in topolectrical

  • 02.06.2020

    Demonstration of a two-dimensional ${\cal P}{\cal T}$-symmetric crystal

  • 23.03.2020

    Orbital-driven Rashba effect in a binary honeycomb monolayer AgTe

  • 23.03.2020

    Correlating the Nanoscale Structural, Magnetic, and Magneto-Transport Properties in SrRuO3-Based Perovskite Thin Films: Implications for Oxide Skyrmion Devices

  • 29.07.2019

    Polarization-dependent near-field phonon nanoscopy of oxides: SrTiO$_3$, LiNbO$_3$, and PbZr$_0.2$ T

    Resonant infrared near-field optical spectroscopy provides a highly material-specific response with subwavelength lateral resolution of ∼10nm.

  • 10.06.2019

    Room Temperature Initialisation and Readout of Intrinsic Spin Defects in a Van der Waals Crystal

    Optically addressable spins in widebandgap semiconductors have become one of the most prominent platforms for exploring fundamental quantum phenomena.

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