Area A - Topological Electrons

The main research objectives of Area A are devoted to the development of novel topological materials, the investigation of the interplay of electronic correlations and spin-orbit coupling in topological systems, the exploitation of superconducting hybrid systems as seeds for emergent particles, such as Majorana- or parafermions, the interaction between light and matter with respect to axion electrodynamics, and hydrodynamic transport phenomena in electronic systems based on Dirac fermions.

Recent Publications

  • 22.10.2020
    20:16 Uhr

    Holographic RG Flows for Kondo-like Impurities

  • 22.10.2020
    20:15 Uhr

    Complexity measures from geometric actions on Virasoro and Kac-Moody

  • 10.08.2020

    Turbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome metals

  • 17.06.2020
    09:06 Uhr

    Confinement transition in the ${\mathrm{QED}}_{3}$-Gross-Neveu-XY universality class

  • 17.06.2020
    09:00 Uhr

    Soluble Fermionic Quantum Critical Point in Two Dimensions

  • 17.06.2020
    08:59 Uhr

    Emergent symmetries and coexisting orders in Dirac fermion systems

  • 17.06.2020
    08:58 Uhr

    Majorana-induced DC Shapiro steps in topological Josephson junctions

  • 09.06.2020

    Single-Co Kondo effect in atomic Cu wires on Cu(111)

  • 03.06.2020
    14:11 Uhr

    Evidence of one-dimensional magnetic heat transport in the triangular-lattice antiferromagnet ${\mathrm{Cs}}_{2}{\mathrm{CuCl}}_{4}$

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