• Rennsteigblick

    27.09.2020 – 29.09.2020

    2. QMA Retreat

    Save the date for the Second QMA Retreat Meeting 2020 at the Ferienhotel Rennsteigblick in Friedrichroda (Thuringia).

  • 15.04.2020
    16:04 Uhr

    Field-Angle-Resolved Magnetic Excitations as a Probe of Hidden-Order Symmetry in CeB$_6$

  • 07.04.2020
    13:00 Uhr

    Emergent topological spin structures in the centrosymmetric cubic perovskite SrFeO$_3$


    E-lecture "Theory of Frustrated Magnetism"

    The lecture will give an introduction to the field, primarily from a theoretical and conceptual perspective. It will cover general ideas, concrete models for frustrated magnets, theoretical methods such as spin-wave theory, parton constructions, and gauge fields, as well as advanced topics. Relevant experimental observations will be discussed as well.

  • 23.03.2020
    14:43 Uhr

    The pyrochlore S=1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet at finite temperature

  • 23.03.2020
    14:42 Uhr

    Field-angle resolved magnetic excitations as a probe of hidden-order symmetry in CeB$_6$

  • 23.03.2020
    14:34 Uhr

    High-field phase transitions in the orbitally ordered multiferroic GeV$_4$S$_8$

  • 23.03.2020
    14:26 Uhr

    Spin-lattice coupling in a ferrimagnetic spinel: Exotic $H-T$ phase diagram of MnCr$_2$S$_4$ up to 1

  • 23.03.2020
    14:20 Uhr

    $(k,n)$-fractonic Maxwell theory

  • 23.03.2020
    14:12 Uhr

    Analytical theory of pyrochlore cooperative paramagnets

  • 23.03.2020
    12:51 Uhr

    Observation of giant spin-split Fermi-arc with maximal Chern number in the chiral topological sem

  • 23.03.2020
    12:00 Uhr

    Non-Abelian chiral spin liquid on a simple non-Archimedean lattice

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