Workshop - Non-equilibrium Many-body Physics Beyond the Floquet Paradigm

Date & Facts

2428 Jun 2024

MPIPKS Dresden

Application Deadline is 30th April 2024

The detailed program will be available by early June 2024




Understanding the complex behavior of non-equilibrium quantum many-body systems is a prominent challenge in modern physics. A paradigmatic approach to exploring non-equilibrium dynamics is through periodic (Floquet) drives. In the past decades, extensive research has delved into this field, uncovering intriguing Floquet phases of matter with unique spatio-temporal order or topological properties. Recent advancements have expanded the study beyond the Floquet paradigm, investigating quasi-periodic and structured-random driving protocols, as well as the interplay between Floquet driving and dissipation. This workshop aims to bring together researchers in this vibrant field to discuss foundational concepts and share the latest ideas. Specifically, it will focus on identifying universal classification of non-thermal pathways in driven systems and expanding the zoo of non-equilibrium phases of matter beyond Floquet phases.


Applications are welcome and should be made by using the application form. The application deadline is 30th April 2024. The number of attendees is limited. The registration fee for the international workshop is 200 Euro and should be paid by all participants.

Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute. Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses.


Program structure:


Monday, 24th June - program starts at noon

Tuesday 25th June - first poster session in the evening

Wednesday 26th June - social program/dinner (afternoon/evening)

Thursday, 27th June - second poster session in the evening

Friday, 28th June - program closure at noon & departure 

The detailed program will be available by early June 2024, approximately.

Arrival on Sunday, 23rd June is possible.

Topics include


    • Quasi-periodic driving
    • Open quantum systems
    • Floquet heating
    • Noise
    • Floquet theory
    • Ergodicity
    • Quantum thermalization
    • Prethermalization
    • Localization
    • Spatio-temporal order
    • Topological phases

Confirmed invited speakers


    • D. Abanin (US)
    • A. Ajoy (US)
    • Z. Cai (CN)
    • S. Choi (US)
    • P. Crowley (US)
    • E. Demler (CH)
    • I. Esin (US)
    • C. Fulga (DE)
    • S. Gopalakrishnan (US)
    • M. Heyl (DE)
    • W.W. Ho (SGP)
    • J. Knolle (DE)
    • C. Kokail (US)
    • N. Linke (US
    • D. Long (US)
    • M. Michael (DE)
    • F. Mintert (UK)
    • Y. Peng (US)
    • H. Pichler (AT)
    • A. Pizzi (US)
    • M. Rudner (US)
    • L. Sieberer (AT)
    • I. Sodemann (DE)
    • R. Vasseur (US)
    • K. Viebahn (CH)
    • Z. Yang (CN)
    • N. Yao (US)


Scientific Coordinators


    • Roderich Moessner, MPIPKS Dresden
    • Gil Refael, CALTECH
    • Hongzheng Zhao, Peking University




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