Inaugural lecture of Prof. Adriana Pálffy-Buß

Date & Facts

04 Jul 2022
05:15 pm – 06:15 pm


Venue on-site: The inaugural lecture "Quantum dynamics of atomic nuclei: From taming x-rays to measuring time" will take place at the Röntgenhörsaal at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy in Würzburg. After the lecture, all visitors are cordially invited to a standing reception with snacks and drinks.


Venue online: The inaugural lecture "Quantum dynamics of atomic nuclei: From taming x-rays to measuring time" will also take place via Zoom.


Please use the following link to attend the meeting:


For more details regarding the zoom-login, please check out the lecture series' website 'Physikalisches Kolloquium Würzburg'.



Quantum dynamics of atomic nuclei: From taming x-rays to measuring time


More than sixty years ago, it was the invention of the laser that revolutionized atomic physics and laid the foundations for quantum optics and coherent control. With only optical frequencies available, the interaction of coherent light with matter was for a long time mainly restricted to atomic transitions. Coherent light of higher frequencies has become only recently available, and with it atomic nuclei enter the stage as natural candidates for resonant interactions, creating a new bridge between atomic physics, quantum optics and nuclear condensed matter physics. Nuclei are very clean quantum systems, well isolated from the environment and benefiting from long coherence times. The lecture will follow these perspectives at the borderline between nuclear and atomic physics on the one hand side and metrology and quantum optics on the other hand side.


First, the developments on the emerging field of x-ray quantum optics will be presented with focus on the mutual control of coherent x-ray radiation and nuclear transitions. Second, the present status of the efforts to use the 229-Th isomer at approx. 8~eV for a nuclear frequency standard will be discussed.


About Adriana Pálffy-Buß


Adriana Pálffy-Buß has been appointed to the new W2 professorship for Theoretical Quantum Information and Quantum Optics of the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat – Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter. The professorship was newly established at Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) Würzburg. Pálffy-Buß is an expert in the new research field of X-ray quantum optics, which uses extremely short-wave X-ray radiation instead of visible light to study the tiniest particles. This could become relevant for non-destructive imaging techniques and makes a decisive contribution to basic research in quantum physics.


For further information read the news article regarding her new professorship.


Foto: © Bilderstolz


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