Lectiones Amalfitanæ: Electronic correlations in quantum materials

Date & Facts

0710 Sep 2020


Between 30 and 40 participants are going to be contacted by us
and formally invited. There will be a conference fee payed by each
participan, oscillating between 100 and 150 € but we are going to
cover the local expenses for all participants. We are soon going to
set up a website with more details.



Mario Cuoco
Antoine Georges
Giorgio Sangiovanni
Alessandro Toschi


Organizing Committee:
Canio Noce
Patrick Chalupa
Severino Adler
Philipp Eck


The scientific goal of this workshop is to discuss the recent and most advanced developments in the field of electronic correlations and quantum materials. In particular we will have sessions on oxide heterostructures, modern aspects of Xtronics (X=spin, orbit, valley, twist,…), novel superconductors, topological materials, driven systems and many-body localization.


The 2018 edition in Campello sul Clitunno was particularly successful thanks to the collaborative and friendly atmosphere
among the participants. Physics is often teamwork and we are convinced that scientists need more platforms where to practice
efficient communication and discussions without preconceptions and boundaries. We hope that this venue, in the heart of sunny
southern Italy, its tradition towards open attitude as well as its excellent food and wine will inspire all of us to reach this goal.

Four institutions are involved in the organization
- CNR “SPIN” and the University of Salerno (Italy)
- Flatiron, a division of the Simons Foundation (NY, USA)
- University of Würzburg and TU Dresden ct.qmat (Germany)
- TU Wien (Austria)

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