Cluster-relevant lectures

Some of the current lectures in Würzburg and Dresden take place online and can be attended virtually. This allows the young scientists to use the respective expertise across locations.
More information and registration details can be found at the respective lecture.


Winter Term 2021/22

Instructor Course Starting Date Registration
Budich Computational Tools for Quantum Many-Body Physics 12.10.2021 OPAL


Summer Term 2021


Course Starting Date Registration  
Buhmann Quantum Transport 15.04.2021 Mail  


Bosonization and Interactions in 1D 12.04.2021 Mail  
Assaad Field Theory in the Solid State 13.04.2021    
Greiter Conformal Field Theory II 13.04.2021 Mail  
Inosov Statistical Evidence in Experimental Science 14.04.2021 OPAL  
Tjeng Practical Quantum Mechanics for Experimental Solid State Physicists 15.04.2021 Mail  
Tjeng, Keimer (MPI-FKF Stuttgart) Introduction to Spectroscopic Methods for Strongly Correlated Quantum Materials 11.05.2021 Mail  
Peets Synthesis and Physical Properties of Quantum Materials 16.04.2021 OPAL, Mail  
Felser Instructor Course Starting Date Registration 16.04.2021    


Winter Term 2020/21

Instructor Course Starting Date Registration
Timm Many-particle theory 27.10.2020 OPAL
Geck, Inosov Solid State Spectroscopy 26.10.2020 OPAL
Budich Geometry and Topology in Quantum Physics 27.10.2020 OPAL
Trauzettel Introduction to Quantum Computer an Quantum Information 02.11.2020 Mail
Kleinlein Spintronics 02.11.2020 Mail
Greitner, Thomale Conformal Field Theory 02.11.2020 Mail
Assaad Theory of the solid state I 04.11.2020 Mail

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