Compatibility of family and academic career

For their significant achievements in making studying and working conditions suitable for families, both universities have been certified as family-friendly universities – TUD since 2007 and JMU since 2008.


Image: © TU Dresden


Image: © Crispin-Iven Mokry

ct.qmat addresses in particular childcare needs of its employees with children. The following childcare schemes have proved their worth:

  • Flexible childcare: ct.qmat contributes to the flexible childcare program at TUDwhich enables those employed at TUD to make use of the service if they need
    • childcare beyond the opening hours of their regular childcare facility
    • childcare during a conference or other academic events
    • childcare while being on a business trip
    • childcare during any other unusual situation
    • a drop-off and/or pick-up assistance
  • Babysitter: We can also bear the expenses for a babysitter/ nurse of your choice if you are not employed at TUD.
  • Equipment for remote work: To make it easier for you to successfully combine your scientific career and taking on home-based caring responsibilities (e. g. taking care of your children up to age of twelve), we can equip you with a laptop and necessary accessories for working from home.

Employees at JMU please note: The university's Family Service offers three different types of childcare:



The Family Service also acts as nanny placementagent.

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