Attracting prospective students

ct.qmat seeks to make an important contribution to long-term recruitment in science in general and physics in particular. Our efforts target girls in different age groups, starting at the early high school level and even earlier. Most high school students do not wait until their final year to decide on their preferred study program. By that time, they may have developed a keen interest in a specific discipline or field of study.

Research shows that positive role models from diverse backgrounds, representing various academic levels, having children and enjoying a broad range of interests beyond their profession, promote a favorable image of physics. Additionally, well-trained, motivated teachers who stay up-to-date with new scientific advances are essential for sparking interest in the field among their students. Finally, meaningfulness and relevance of the content and tasks to the students’ everyday lives, as well as opportunities for practical work play an important role in encouraging girls (and boys) to study physics.


Image: © Tobias Ritz/ ct.qmat


Image: © Amac Garbe/ ct.qmat


Image: © Professur Didaktik der Physik, TUD/ SFB 1143

Considering all these aspects, we have tailored different measures directed at:


  • increasing the interest and involvement of girls in science in general and in physics in particular during their early years of high school:
  • enhancing the image of physics as a profession and providing advice about physics-related careers;
  • providing schoolgirls and female students with role models—real female scientist showing that (and how) it is possible to balance family and a demanding yet rewarding physics career, thus challenging stereotypes;
  • keeping teachers up-to-date by compiling teaching materials for classroom use and giving comprehensible lectures on the cutting-edge research:
  • creating opportunities for practical work linked to high school students’ world of experience, e. g., by drawing on phenomena known from their own everyday lives or by adapting information and communication technologies so popular among young generations:
        • Mobile game Kitty Q
        • annual Girls’Day action program
        • events within the Girls’Day Academy


It is a major priority for ct.qmat to foster girls’ self-confidence in their capabilities, make physics accessible and engaging, and provide them with opportunities to test their knowledge and abilities without pressure to perform and in an unbiased atmosphere.

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