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Interplay of spin and charge order in the electron-doped cuprates

D. Riegler, J. Seufert, E. H. da Silva Neto, P. Wölfle, R. Thomale, and M. Klett

Local-symmetry-sensitive elastic softening in the Kramers doublet system Y$_{\mathbf{1-x}}$Nd$_{\mathbf{x}}$Co$_{\mathbf{2}}$Zn$_{\mathbf{20}}$

I. Ishii, T. Umeno, R. Yamamoto, T. Onimaru, T. Suzuki, K. Araki, A. Miyata, S. Zherlitsyn, and J. Wosnitza

Tuning strategy for Curie-temperature enhancement in the van der Waals magnet Mn$_{\mathbf{1+x}}$Sb$_{\mathbf{2-x}}$Te$_{\mathbf{4}}$

M. Sahoo, M. Rahn, E. Kochetkova, O. Renier, L. Folkers, A. Tcakaev, M. Amigó, F. Stier, V. Pomjakushin, K. Srowik, V. Zabolotnyy, E. Weschke, V. Hinkov, A. Alfonsov, V. Kataev, B. Büchner, A. Wolter, J. Facio, L. Corredor, and A. Isaeva

Long-time rigidity to flux-induced symmetry breaking in quantum quench dynamics

L. Rossi, L. Barbiero, J. C. Budich, and F. Dolcini

Exciton-induced electric dipole moment in organic ferromagnets

H. Li, H. Ma, D. Li, H. Zhang, Y. Miao, J. Ren, C. Timm, and G. Hu

Marginal Fermi liquid at magnetic quantum criticality from dimensional confinement

B. Frank, Z. H. Liu, F. F. Assaad, M. Vojta, and L. Janssen

Observation of termination-dependent topological connectivity in a magnetic Weyl kagome lattice

F. Mazzola, S. Enzner, P. Eck, C. Bigi, M. Jugovac, I. Cojocariu, V. Feyer, Z. Shu, G. M. Pierantozzi, A. De Vita, P. Carrara, J. Fujii, P. D. C. King, G. Vinai, P. Orgiani, C. Cacho, M. D. Watson, G. Rossi, I. Vobornik, T. Kong, D. Di Sante, G. Sangiovanni, and G. Panaccione

High-field phase diagram of the chiral-lattice antiferromagnet Sr(TiO)Cu$_{\mathbf{4}}$(PO$_{\mathbf{4}}$)$_{\mathbf{4}}$

T. Nomura, Y. Kato, Y. Motome, A. Miyake, M. Tokunaga, Y. Kohama, S. Zherlitsyn, J. Wosnitza, S. Kimura, T. Katsuyoshi, T. Kimura, and K. Kimura

Geometric quantum discord signals non-factorization

S. Banerjee, P. Basteiro, R. N. Das, and M. Dorband

Huge magnetostriction in superconducting single-crystalline BaFe$_{\mathbf{1.908}}$Ni$_{\mathbf{0.092}}$As$_{\mathbf{2}}$

M. Zhang, J. Wu, K. Shi, L. Ling, W. Tong, C. Xi, L. Pi, J. Wosnitza, H. Luo, and Z. Wang

Making trotterization adaptive and energy-self-correcting for NISQ devices and beyond

H. Zhao, M. Bukov, M. Heyl, and R. Moessner

Vacancy-mediated anomalous phononic and electronic transport in defective half-Heusler ZrNiBi

W. Ren, W. Xue, S. Guo, R. He, L. Deng, S. Song, A. Sotnikov, K. Nielsch, J. van den Brink, G. Gao, S. Chen, Y. Han, J. Wu, C. Chu, Z. Wang, Y. Wang, and Z. Ren

Solid solutions of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate: crystal growth and the ferroelectric transition

U. Bashir, K. Böttcher, D. Klimm, S. Ganschow, F. Bernhardt, S. Sanna, M. Rüsing, L. M. Eng, and M. Bickermann

Adherence of the rotating vortex lattice in the noncentrosymmetric superconductor Ru$_{\mathbf{7}}$B$_{\mathbf{3}}$ to the London model

A. S. Cameron, Y. V. Tymoshenko, P. Y. Portnichenko, A. S. Sukhanov, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, D. McK Paul, G. Balakrishnan, R. Cubitt, and D. S. Inosov

Crystal structure and properties of the magnetically frustrated B-site ordered Sr$_{\mathbf{2}}$CaOsO$_{\mathbf{6}}$ double perovskite

G. S. Thakur, W. Schnelle, and M. Jansen

Coulomb engineering of two-dimensional Mott materials

E. G. C. P. van Loon, M. Schüler, D. Springer, G. Sangiovanni, J. M. Tomczak, and T. O. Wehling

Berezinskii—Kosterlitz—Thouless correlations in copper-based quasi-2D spin systems

D. Opherden, F. Bärtl, M. S. J. Tepaske, C. P. Landee, J. Wosnitza, and H. Kühne

Elemental dilution effect on the elastic response due to a quadrupolar Kondo effect of the non-Kramers system Y$_{\mathbf{1-x}}$Pr$_{\mathbf{x}}$Ir$_{\mathbf{2}}$Zn$_{\mathbf{20}}$

R. Hibino, T. Yanagisawa, Y. Mikami, H. Hidaka, H. Amitsuka, S. Zherlitsyn, J. Wosnitza, Y. Yamane, and T. Onimaru

Fermion disorder operator at Gross-Neveu and deconfined quantum criticalities

Z. H. Liu, W. Jiang, B. Chen, J. Rong, M. Cheng, K. Sun, Z. Y. Meng, and F. F. Assaad

Magnetoelectricity induced by rippling of magnetic nanomembranes and wires

C. Ortix and J. van den Brink

Magnetic fragmentation and fractionalized Goldstone modes in a bilayer quantum spin liquid

A. Vijayvargia, E. M. Nica, R. Moessner, Y. Lu, and O. Erten

Symmetry-conserving maximally projected Wannier functions

K. Koepernik, O. Janson, Y. Sun, and J. van den Brink

Wilsonian renormalization as a quantum channel and the separability of fixed points

M. H. Martins Costa, J. van den Brink, F. S. Nogueira, and G. I. Krein

Chiral phonons in quartz probed by X-rays

H. Ueda, M. García-Fernández, S. Agrestini, C. P. Romao, J. van den Brink, N. A. Spaldin, K. Zhou, and U. Staub

Electronic and thermoelectric transport properties of CaAgP from first principles

R. Dhawan, V. Chaudhary, T. Nautiyal, J. van den Brink, and H. C. Kandpal

Neutron diffraction, muon-spin rotation, and high magnetic field investigation of the multiferroic antiferromagnetic quantum spin-chain system CuCrO$_{\mathbf{4}}$

J. M. Law, H. Luetkens, G. Pascua, T. Hansen, R. Glaum, Z. Wang, J. Wosnitza, and R. K. Kremer

Dielectric relaxation by quantum critical magnons

D. Flavián, P. A. Volkov, S. Hayashida, K. Y. Povarov, S. Gvasaliya, P. Chandra, and A. Zheludev

Anisotropic optics and gravitational lensing of tilted Weyl fermions

V. Könye, L. Mertens, C. Morice, D. Chernyavsky, A. G. Moghaddam, J. van Wezel, and J. van den Brink

Change in the ground state of Y$_{\mathbf{1-x}}$Pr$_{\mathbf{x}}$Ir$_{\mathbf{2}}$Zn$_{\mathbf{20}}$ due to a quadrupolar Kondo effect with Pr concentration $\mathbf{x}$

R. Hibino, T. Yanagisawa, Y. Mikami, H. Hidaka, H. Amitsuka, S. Zherlitsyn, J. Wosnitza, Y. Yamane, and T. Onimaru

On the high-field characterization of magnetocaloric materials using pulsed magnetic fields

C. Salazar Mejia, T. Niehoff, M. Straßheim, E. Bykov, Y. Skourski, J. Wosnitza, and T. Gottschall

Ultrasonic investigation of the magnetic ordering in Er$_{\mathbf{3}}$Ru$_{\mathbf{4}}$Al$_{\mathbf{12}}$ with a distorted kagome lattice

I. Ishii, Y. Kurata, H. Muneshige, A. V. Andreev, D. I. Gorbunov, M. Nohara, and T. Suzuki

Identifying and constructing complex magnon band topology

A. Corticelli, R. Moessner, and P. A. McClarty

Magnetic field induced reentrant multipolar ordering in the distorted kagome-lattice antiferromagnet Dy$_{\mathbf{3}}$Ru$_{\mathbf{4}}$Al$_{\mathbf{12}}$

I. Ishii, T. Suzuki, A. V. Andreev, K. Mitsumoto, K. Araki, A. Miyata, D. I. Gorbunov, S. Zherlitsyn, and J. Wosnitza

Strong uniaxial pressure dependencies evidencing spin-lattice coupling and spin fluctuations in Cr$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ge$_{\mathbf{2}}$Te$_{\mathbf{6}}$

S. Spachmann, S. Selter, B. Büchner, S. Aswartham, and R. Klingeler

Universal Gibbons-Hawking-York term for theories with curvature, torsion and non-metricity

J. Erdmenger, B. Heß, I. Matthaiakakis, and R. Meyer

Arresting dynamics in hardcore spin models

B. Placke, G. M. Sommers, S. L. Sondhi, and R. Moessner

Designing magnetocaloric materials for hydrogen liquefaction with light rare-earth Laves phases

W. Liu, T. Gottschall, F. Scheibel, E. Bykov, N. Fortunato, A. Aubert, H. Zhang, K. Skokov, and O. Gutfleisch

Manipulation of covalent organic frameworks by side-chain functionalization: Toward few layer nanosheets

A. De, S. Haldar, S. Michel, L. Shupletsov, V. Bon, N. Lopatik, L. Ding, L. M. Eng, G. K. Auernhammer, E. Brunner, and A. Schneemann

SU(2)-symmetric spin-boson model: quantum criticality, fixed-point annihilation, and duality

M. Weber and M. Vojta

Two-dimensional ferromagnetic extension of a topological insulator

P. Kagerer, C. I. Fornari, S. Buchberger, T. Tschirner, L. Veyrat, M. Kamp, A. V. Tcakaev, V. Zabolotnyy, S. L. Morelhao, B. Geldiyev, S. Müller, A. Fedorov, E. Rienks, P. Gargiani, M. Valvidares, L. C. Folkers, A. Isaeva, B. Büchner, V. Hinkov, R. Claessen, H. Bentmann, and F. Reinert

Magnetic anisotropy and low-energy spin dynamics in the van der Waals compounds Mn$_{\mathbf{2}}$P$_{\mathbf{2}}$S$_{\mathbf{6}}$ and MnNiP$_{\mathbf{2}}$S$_{\mathbf{6}}$

J. J. Abraham, Y. Senyk, Y. Shemerliuk, S. Selter, S. Aswartham, B. Büchner, V. Kataev, and A. Alfonsov

Spin and current transport in the robust half-metallic magnet c-CoFeGe

V. Chaudhary, S. Singh, D. Gujjar, T. Nautiyal, T. Maitra, J. van den Brink, and H. C. Kandpal

Engineering a pure Dirac regime in ZrTe$_{\mathbf{5}}$

J. Facio, E. Nocerino, I. C. Fulga, R. Wawrzyńczak, J. Brown, G. Gu, Q. Li, M. Mansson, Y. Sassa, O. Ivashko, M. Zimmermann, F. Mende, J. Gooth, S. Galeski, J. Brink, and T. Meng

Bandwidth-controlled quantum phase transition between an easy-plane quantum spin Hall state and an s-wave superconductor

D. Hou, Y. Liu, T. Sato, W. Guo, F. F. Assaad, and Z. Wang

Disorder effects in the Kitaev-Heisenberg model

A. Singhania, J. van den Brink, and S. Nishimoto

Impact of Mn-Pn intermixing on magnetic properties of an intrinsic magnetic topological insulator: the µSR perspective

M. Sahoo, Z. Salman, G. Allodi, A. Isaeva, L. Folkers, A. U. B. Wolter, B. Büchner, and R. De Renzi

From dual unitarity to generic quantum operator spreading

M. A. Rampp, R. Moessner, and P. W. Claeys

Probing RG flows, symmetry resolution and quench dynamics through the capacity of entanglement

R. Arias, G. Di Giulio, E. Keski-Vakkuri, and E. Tonni

Crystal growth, exfoliation, and magnetic properties of quaternary quasi-two-dimensional CuCrP$_{\mathbf{2}}$S$_{\mathbf{6}}$

S. Selter, K. K. Bestha, P. Bhattacharyya, B. Özer, Y. Shemerliuk, M. Roslova, E. Vinokurova, L. T. Corredor, L. Veyrat, A. U. B. Wolter, L. Hozoi, B. Büchner, and S. Aswartham

First-order topological phase transitions and disorder-induced Majorana modes in interacting fermion chains

S. Agarwal, S. Gawande, S. Nishimoto, J. van den Brink, and S. Kumar

Chirality coupling in topological magnetic textures with multiple magnetochiral parameters

O. M. Volkov, D. Wolf, O. V. Pylypovskyi, A. Kákay, D. D. Sheka, B. Büchner, J. Fassbender, A. Lubk, and D. Makarov

Fluctuating fractionalized spins in quasi-two-dimensional magnetic V$_{\mathbf{0.85}}$PS$_{\mathbf{3}}$

V. Kumar, D. Kumar, B. Singh, Y. Shemerliuk, M. Behnami, B. Büchner, S. Aswartham, and P. Kumar

RIXS interferometry and the role of disorder in the quantum magnet Ba$_{\mathbf{3}}$Ti$_{\mathbf{3-x}}$Ir$_{\mathbf{x}}$O$_{\mathbf{9}}$

M. Magnaterra, M. Moretti Sala, G. Monaco, P. Becker, M. Hermanns, P. Warzanowski, T. Lorenz, D. I. Khomskii, P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, J. van den Brink, and M. Grüninger

Surface induced electronic Berry curvature in bulk Berry curvature free materials

D. Wawrzik, J. I. Facio, and J. van den Brink

Spin-split collinear antiferromagnets: a large-scale ab-initio study

Y. Guo, H. Liu, O. Janson, I. C. Fulga, J. Brink, and J. Facio

Pinch-points to half-moons and up in the stars: The kagome skymap

D. Kiese, F. Ferrari, N. Astrakhantsev, N. Niggemann, P. Ghosh, T. Müller, R. Thomale, T. Neupert, J. Reuther, M. J. P. Gingras, S. Trebst, and Y. Iqbal

Field-tunable Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless correlations in a Heisenberg magnet

D. Opherden, M. S. J. Tepaske, F. Bärtl, M. Weber, M. M. Turnbull, T. Lancaster, S. J. Blundell, M. Baenitz, J. Wosnitza, C. P. Landee, R. Moessner, D. J. Luitz, and H. Kühne

Field-tunable Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless correlations in a Heisenberg magnet

D. Opherden, M. S. J. Tepaske, F. Bärtl, M. Weber, M. M. Turnbull, T. Lancaster, S. J. Blundell, M. Baenitz, J. Wosnitza, C. P. Landee, R. Moessner, D. J. Luitz, and H. Kühne

Structure-property relationship of reversible magnetic chirality tuning

J. Qi, P. M. Weber, T. Kißlinger, L. Hammer, M. A. Schneider, and M. Bode

Intermixing-driven surface and bulk ferromagnetism in the quantum anomalous Hall candidate MnBi$_{\mathbf{6}}$Te$_{\mathbf{10}}$

A. Tcakaev, B. Rubrecht, J. I. Facio, V. B. Zabolotnyy, L. T. Corredor, L. C. Folkers, E. Kochetkova, T. R. F. Peixoto, P. Kagerer, S. Heinze, H. Bentmann, R. J. Green, P. Gargiani, M. Valvidares, E. Weschke, M. W. Haverkort, F. Reinert, J. van den Brink, B. Büchner, A. U. B. Wolter, A. Isaeva, and V. Hinkov

Random-bond Ising model and its dual in hyperbolic spaces

B. Placke and N. P. Breuckmann

Kitaev spin-orbital bilayers and their moiré superlattices

E. M. Nica, M. Akram, A. Vijayvargia, R. Moessner, and O. Erten

Paramagnetic electronic structure of CrSBr: Comparison between ab initio GW theory and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

M. Bianchi, S. Acharya, F. Dirnberger, J. Klein, D. Pashov, K. Mosina, Z. Sofer, A. N. Rudenko, M. I. Katsnelson, M. van Schilfgaarde, M. Rösner, and P. Hofmann

Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless transition in the type-I Weyl semimetal PtBi$_{\mathbf{2}}$

A. Veyrat, V. Labracherie, D. L. Bashlakov, F. Caglieris, J. I. Facio, G. Shipunov, T. Charvin, R. Acharya, Y. Naidyuk, R. Giraud, J. van den Brink, B. Büchner, C. Hess, S. Aswartham, and J. Dufouleur

Signature of weakly coupled f electrons and conduction electrons in magnetic weyl semimetal candidates PrAlSi and SmAlSi

R. Lou, A. Fedorov, L. Zhao, A. Yaresko, B. Büchner, and S. Borisenko

Gross-Neveu-Heisenberg criticality from 2 + ε expansion

K. Ladovrechis, S. Ray, T. Meng, and L. Janssen

Instanton gas approach to the Hubbard model

M. Ulybyshev, C. Winterowd, F. Assaad, and S. Zafeiropoulos

Evolution of the spin dynamics in the van der waals system M$_{\mathbf{2}}$P$_{\mathbf{2}}$S$_{\mathbf{6}}$ (M$_{\mathbf{2}}$ = Mn$_{\mathbf{2}}$, MnNi, Ni$_{\mathbf{2}}$) series probed by electron spin resonance spectroscopy

Y. Senyk, J. J. Abraham, Y. Shemerliuk, S. Selter, S. Aswartham, B. Büchner, V. Kataev, and A. Alfonsov

Intermediate-scale theory for electrons coupled to frustrated local moments

A. J. McRoberts, J. F. Mendez-Valderrama, R. Moessner, and D. Chowdhury


(107 Publications)

Quantum many-body scars: A quasiparticle perspective

A. Chandran, T. Iadecola, V. Khemani, and R. Moessner

Heat transport of the kagome Heisenberg quantum spin liquid candidate YCu$_{\mathbf{3}}$(OH)$_{\mathbf{6.5}}$Br$_{\mathbf{2.5}}$: Localized magnetic excitations and a putative spin gap

X. Hong, M. Behnami, L. Yuan, B. Li, W. Brenig, B. Büchner, Y. Li, and C. Hess

Long-lived solitons and their signatures in the classical Heisenberg chain

A. J. McRoberts, T. Bilitewski, M. Haque, and R. Moessner

Dynamical fractal and anomalous noise in a clean magnetic crystal

J. N. Hallén, S. A. Grigera, D. A. Tennant, C. Castelnovo, and R. Moessner

Quantum chaos, scrambling and operator growth in $\mathbf{\vphantom{overline}T}$$\mathbf {\overline {T}}$ deformed SYK models

S. He, P. H. C. Lau, Z. Xian, and L. Zhao

Low lattice thermal conductivity in alkali metal based Heusler alloys

U. Singh, S. Singh, M. Zeeshan, J. van den Brink, and H. C. Kandpal

Spin–orbital liquid state and liquid–gas metamagnetic transition on a pyrochlore lattice

N. Tang, Y. Gritsenko, K. Kimura, S. Bhattacharjee, A. Sakai, M. Fu, H. Takeda, H. Man, K. Sugawara, Y. Matsumoto, Y. Shimura, J. Wen, C. Broholm, H. Sawa, M. Takigawa, T. Sakakibara, S. Zherlitsyn, J. Wosnitza, R. Moessner, and S. Nakatsuji

Frozen deconfined quantum criticality

V. Shyta, J. van den Brink, and F. S. Nogueira

Incommensurate and multiple-q magnetic misfit order in the frustrated quantum spin ladder material antlerite Cu$_{\mathbf{3}}$SO$_{\mathbf{4}}$(OH)$_{\mathbf{4}}$

A. A. Kulbakov, E. Sadrollahi, F. Rasch, M. Avdeev, S. Gaß, L. T. Corredor Bohorquez, A. U. B. Wolter, M. Feig, R. Gumeniuk, H. Poddig, M. Stötzer, F. J. Litterst, I. Puente-Orench, A. Wildes, E. Weschke, J. Geck, D. S. Inosov, and D. C. Peets

Large magnetocaloric effect in the kagome ferromagnet Li$_{\mathbf{9}}$Cr$_{\mathbf{3}}$(P$_{\mathbf{2}}$O$_{\mathbf{7}}$)$_{\mathbf{3}}$(PO$_{\mathbf{4}}$)$_{\mathbf{2}}$

A. Magar, S. K, V. Singh, J. Abraham, Y. Senyk, A. Alfonsov, B. Büchner, V. Kataev, A. Tsirlin, and R. Nath

Field-induced spin reorientation transitions in antiferromagnetic ring-shaped spin chains

Y. A. Borysenko, D. D. Sheka, J. Fassbender, J. van den Brink, D. Makarov, and O. V. Pylypovskyi

Dilution of the magnetic lattice in the Kitaev candidate α-RuCl$_{\mathbf{3}}$ by Rh$^{\mathbf{3+}}$ doping

G. Bastien, E. Vinokurova, M. Lange, K. K. Bestha, L. T. C. Bohorquez, G. Kreutzer, A. Lubk, T. Doert, B. Büchner, A. Isaeva, and A. U. B. Wolter

Thermalization by a synthetic horizon

L. Mertens, A. G. Moghaddam, D. Chernyavsky, C. Morice, J. van den Brink, and J. van Wezel

Towards explicit discrete holography: Aperiodic spin chains from hyperbolic tilings

P. Basteiro, G. Di Giulio, J. Erdmenger, J. Karl, R. Meyer, and Z. Xian

Breakdown of heavy quasiparticles in a honeycomb Kondo lattice: A quantum Monte Carlo study

M. Raczkowski, B. Danu, and F. F. Assaad

Combined experimental and theoretical study of hydrostatic He-gas pressure effects in α-RuCl$_{\mathbf{3}}$

B. Wolf, D. A. S. Kaib, A. Razpopov, S. Biswas, K. Riedl, S. M. Winter, R. Valentí, Y. Saito, S. Hartmann, E. Vinokurova, T. Doert, A. Isaeva, G. Bastien, A. U. B. Wolter, B. Büchner, and M. Lang

Dimensional reduction and incommensurate dynamic correlations in the S=$\mathbf{\dfrac{1}{2}}$ triangular-lattice antiferromagnet Ca$_{\mathbf{3}}$ReO$_{\mathbf{5}}$Cl$_{\mathbf{2}}$

S. A. Zvyagin, A. N. Ponomaryov, J. Wosnitza, D. Hirai, Z. Hiroi, M. Gen, Y. Kohama, A. Matsuo, Y. H. Matsuda, and K. Kindo

Roles of surface and bulk states in giant magnetoresistance and anomalous hall effect in antiferromagnetically ordered Bi$_{\mathbf{1.9}}$Dy$_{\mathbf{0.1}}$Te$_{\mathbf{3}}$ topological insulators

V. K. Gangwar, S. Kumar, M. Singh, D. Pal, L. Ghosh, P. Singh, Z. Yufeng, C. Chen, E. F. Schwier, K. Shimada, P. Shahi, Y. Uwatoko, S. Patil, A. K. Ghosh, and S. Chatterjee

Observation of an unexpected negative magnetoresistance in magnetic weyl semimetal Co$_{\mathbf{3}}$Sn$_{\mathbf{2}}$S$_{\mathbf{2}}$

A. G. Moghaddam, K. Geishendorf, R. Schlitz, J. I. Facio, P. Vir, C. Shekhar, C. Felser, K. Nielsch, S. T. Goennenwein, J. van den Brink, and A. Thomas

Hybrid Bloch-Néel spiral states in Mn$_{\mathbf{1.4}}$PtSn probed by resonant soft x-ray scattering

A. S. Sukhanov, V. Ukleev, P. Vir, P. Gargiani, M. Valvidares, J. S. White, C. Felser, and D. S. Inosov

Muon spin rotation and relaxation study on Nb$_{\mathbf{1-y}}$Fe$_{\mathbf{2+x}}$

J. Willwater, D. Eppers, T. Kimmel, E. Sadrollahi, F. J. Litterst, F. M. Grosche, C. Baines, and S. Süllow

Order by disorder in classical kagome antiferromagnets with chiral interactions

J. Pitts, F. L. Buessen, R. Moessner, S. Trebst, and K. Shtengel

Negative sign free formulations of generalized Kitaev models with higher symmetries

T. Sato and F. F. Assaad

Quasimolecular electronic structure of the spin-liquid candidate Ba$_{\mathbf{3}}$InIr$_{\mathbf{2}}$O$_{\mathbf{9}}$

A. Revelli, M. Moretti Sala, G. Monaco, M. Magnaterra, J. Attig, L. Peterlini, T. Dey, A. A. Tsirlin, P. Gegenwart, T. Fröhlich, M. Braden, C. Grams, J. Hemberger, P. Becker, P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, D. I. Khomskii, J. van den Brink, M. Hermanns, and M. Grüninger

Sustainable thermoelectric materials predicted by machine learning

D. Chernyavsky, J. van den Brink, G. Park, K. Nielsch, and A. Thomas

Momentum space entanglement from the wilsonian effective action

M. H. Martins Costa, J. van den Brink, F. S. Nogueira, and G. a. I. Krein

Fractonic plaquette-dimer liquid beyond renormalization

Y. You and R. Moessner

Horizon physics of quasi-one-dimensional tilted Weyl cones on a lattice

V. Könye, C. Morice, D. Chernyavsky, A. G. Moghaddam, J. van den Brink, and J. van Wezel

Black holes entangled by radiation

Y. Liu, Z. Xian, C. Peng, and Y. Ling

Deep learning the functional renormalization group

D. Di Sante, M. Medvidović, A. Toschi, G. Sangiovanni, C. Franchini, A. M. Sengupta, and A. J. Millis

Functional renormalization of spinless triangular-lattice fermions: N-patch vs. truncated-unity scheme

N. Gneist, D. Kiese, R. Henkel, R. Thomale, L. Classen, and M. M. Scherer

Structural 130 K phase transition and emergence of a two-ion Kondo state in Ce$_{\mathbf{2}}$Rh$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ga explored by $^{\mathbf{69,71}}$Ga nuclear quadrupole resonance

S. Yamamoto, T. Fujii, S. Luther, H. Yasuoka, H. Sakai, F. Bärtl, K. M. Ranjith, H. Rosner, J. Wosnitza, A. M. Strydom, H. Kühne, and M. Baenitz

Suppression of interband heating for random driving

H. Zhao, J. Knolle, R. Moessner, and F. Mintert

Thermoelectric transport properties of XAgP (X = Sr and Ba) from first principles

R. Dhawan, M. Zeeshan, T. Nautiyal, J. van den Brink, and H. C. Kandpal

Multi-charged moments of two intervals in conformal field theory

F. Ares, P. Calabrese, G. Di Giulio, and S. Murciano

Symmetry protected exceptional points of interacting fermions

R. Schäfer, J. C. Budich, and D. J. Luitz

A study on rare-earth Laves phases for magnetocaloric liquefaction of hydrogen

W. Liu, E. Bykov, S. Taskaev, M. Bogush, V. Khovaylo, N. Fortunato, A. Aubert, H. Zhang, T. Gottschall, J. Wosnitza, F. Scheibel, K. Skokov, and O. Gutfleisch

Emergence of mesoscale quantum phase transitions in a ferromagnet

A. Wendl, H. Eisenlohr, F. Rucker, C. Duvinage, M. Kleinhans, M. Vojta, and C. Pfleiderer

Magnetization process and ordering of the S=$\mathbf{\dfrac{1}{2}}$ pyrochlore Heisenberg antiferromagnet in a magnetic field

I. Hagymási, R. Schäfer, R. Moessner, and D. J. Luitz

Mitigating spikes in fermion Monte Carlo methods by reshuffling measurements

M. Ulybyshev and F. Assaad

Quantum dynamics in 1D lattice models with synthetic horizons

C. Morice, D. Chernyavsky, J. van Wezel, J. van den Brink, and A. Moghaddam

Structural magnetic glassiness in the spin ice Dy$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ti$_{\mathbf{2}}$O$_{\mathbf{7}}$

A. M. Samarakoon, A. Sokolowski, B. Klemke, R. Feyerherm, M. Meissner, R. A. Borzi, F. Ye, Q. Zhang, Z. Dun, H. Zhou, T. Egami, J. N. Hallén, L. Jaubert, C. Castelnovo, R. Moessner, S. A. Grigera, and D. A. Tennant

Disorder-free localization transition in a two-dimensional lattice gauge theory

N. Chakraborty, M. Heyl, P. Karpov, and R. Moessner

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Classification of Weyl points and nodal lines based on magnetic point groups for spin-$\mathbf{\dfrac{1}{2}}$ quasiparticles

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The edge of chaos: quantum field theory and deep neural networks

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Valence-bond solid to antiferromagnet transition in the two-dimensional Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model by Langevin dynamics

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Spin-space groups and magnon band topology

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Metallic and deconfined quantum criticality in Dirac systems

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Tunable chirality of noncentrosymmetric magnetic Weyl semimetals in rare-earth carbides

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Time-crystalline eigenstate order on a quantum processor

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Space-dependent symmetries and fractons

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EDIpack: A parallel exact diagonalization package for quantum impurity problems

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(104 Publications)

Occupancy disorder in the magnetic topological insulator candidate Mn$_{\mathbf{1-x}}$Sb$_{\mathbf{2+x}}$Te$_{\mathbf{4}}$

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Non-Hermitian skin effect of dislocations and its topological origin

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Strongly scattered phonon heat transport of the candidate Kitaev material Na$_{\mathbf{2}}$Co$_{\mathbf{2}}$TeO$_{\mathbf{6}}$

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A. Alfonsov, K. Mehlawat, A. Zeugner, A. Isaeva, B. Büchner, and V. Kataev

Magnetic field dependence of the copper charge density wave order in a YBa$_{\mathbf{2}}$Cu$_{\mathbf{3}}$O$_{\mathbf{7}}$/Nd$_{\mathbf{0.65}}$(Ca$_{\mathbf{0.7}}$Sr$_{\mathbf{0.3}}$)$_{\mathbf{0.35}}$MnO$_{\mathbf{3}}$ superlattice

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Chirality flip of Weyl nodes and its manifestation in strained MoTe$_{\mathbf{2}}$

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M. Gerbershagen

Zooming in on heavy fermions in Kondo lattice models

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Fermi-surface reconstruction at the metamagnetic high-field transition in uranium mononitride

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Influence of Cr substitution on the reversibility of the magnetocaloric effect in Ni-Cr-Mn-In Heusler alloys

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Magnetic field induced quantum spin liquid in the two coupled trillium lattices of K$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ni$_{\mathbf{2}}$(SO$_{\mathbf{4}}$)$_{\mathbf{3}}$

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Magnetocaloric effect in the Laves-phase Ho$_{\mathbf{1-x}}$Dy$_{\mathbf{x}}$Al$_{\mathbf{2}}$ family in high magnetic fields

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Parity symmetry as the origin of "spin" in the quantum spin Hall effect

W. Beugeling

Emergent moments and random singlet physics in a Majorana spin liquid

S. Sanyal, K. Damle, J. T. Chalker, and R. Moessner

Revisiting the influence of Fe excess in the synthesis of BaFe$_{\mathbf{2}}$S$_{\mathbf{3}}$

M. L. Amigó, Q. Stahl, A. Maljuk, A. U. B. Wolter, C. Hess, J. Geck, S. Wurmehl, S. Seiro, and B. Büchner

Emergent fine structure constant of quantum spin ice is large

S. D. Pace, S. C. Morampudi, R. Moessner, and C. R. Laumann

Topological route to new and unusual coulomb spin liquids

O. Benton and R. Moessner

Anisotropic magnetothermal transport in Co$_\mathbf{2}$MnGa thin films

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Ab initio based ligand field approach to determine electronic multiplet properties

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Hidden charge order in an iron oxide square-lattice compound

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Monodromy methods for torus conformal blocks and entanglement entropy at large central charge

M. Gerbershagen

Observation of antiferromagnetic ordering from muon spin resonance study and the Kondo effect in a Dy-doped Bi$_{\mathbf{2}}$Se$_{\mathbf{3}}$ topological insulator

V. K. Gangwar, S. Kumar, M. Singh, P. Singh, L. Ghosh, D. Pal, P. Shahi, Y. Uwatoko, E. F. Schwier, K. Shimada, D. K. Sharma, S. Kumar, and S. Chatterjee

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Fluctuation-induced ferrimagnetism in sublattice-imbalanced antiferromagnets with application to SrCu$_{\mathbf{2}}$(BO$_{\mathbf{3}}$)$_{\mathbf{2}}$ under pressure

P. M. Cônsoli, M. Fornoville, and M. Vojta

Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of generalized Kitaev models

T. Sato and F. F. Assaad

Stripe-yz magnetic order in the triangular-lattice antiferromagnet KCeS$_{\mathbf{2}}$

A. A. Kulbakov, S. M. Avdoshenko, I. Puente-Orench, M. Deeb, M. Doerr, P. Schlender, T. Doert, and D. S. Inosov

Super-resonant transport of topological surface states subjected to in-plane magnetic fields

S. Zhang, C. Li, F. Peña Benitez, P. Surówka, R. Moessner, L. W. Molenkamp, and B. Trauzettel

Strain-induced switching between noncollinear and collinear spin configuration in magnetic Mn$_{\mathbf{5}}$Ge$_{\mathbf{3}}$ films

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Temperature-dependent dynamics of endohedral fullerene Sc$_{\mathbf{2}}$@C$_{\mathbf{80}}$(CH$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ph) studied by EPR spectroscopy

Y. E. Kandrashkin, R. B. Zaripov, F. Liu, B. Büchner, V. Kataev, and A. A. Popov

Phase diagram of a frustrated Heisenberg model: From disorder to order and back again

M. M. J. Miranda, I. C. Almeida, E. C. Andrade, and J. A. Hoyos

Infinite Berry curvature of Weyl Fermi arcs

D. Wawrzik, J. You, J. I. Facio, J. van den Brink, and I. Sodemann

Magnetic phase diagram, magnetoelastic coupling, and Grüneisen scaling in CoTiO$_{\mathbf{3}}$

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Crystal growth and anisotropic magnetic properties of quasi-two-dimensional (Fe$_{\mathbf{1-x}}$Nix)$_{\mathbf{2}}$P$_{\mathbf{2}}$S$_{\mathbf{2}}$

S. Selter, Y. Shemerliuk, M. Sturza, A. U. B. Wolter, B. Büchner, and S. Aswartham

Quasi‑1D XY antiferromagnet Sr$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ni(SeO$_{\mathbf{3}}$)$_{\mathbf{2}}$Cl$_{\mathbf{2}}$ at Sakai‑Takahashi phase diagram

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Gross-Neveu-Heisenberg criticality from competing nematic and antiferromagnetic orders in bilayer graphene

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Butterfly effect and spatial structure of information spreading in a chaotic cellular automaton

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"Seeing Is believing" - In-depth analysis by co-imaging of periodically-poled X-cut lithium niobate thin films

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Limits to magnetic quantum criticality from nuclear spins

H. Eisenlohr and M. Vojta

Plasmons in anisotropic Dirac systems

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Random multipolar driving: Tunably slow heating through spectral engineering

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(91 Publications)

Lattice dynamics in the double-helix antiferromagnet FeP

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Microscopic models for Kitaev's sixteenfold way of anyon theories

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Attractive effect of a strong electronic repulsion: the physics of vertex divergences

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Temperature and chemical potential dependence of the parity anomaly in quantum anomalous Hall insulators

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Observation of a random singlet state in a diluted Kitaev honeycomb material

S. Baek, H. W. Yeo, S. Do, K. Choi, L. Janssen, M. Vojta, and B. Büchner

Observation of a random singlet state in a diluted Kitaev honeycomb material

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Imaging nodal knots in momentum space through topolectrical circuits

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Fermi surface studies of the skutterudite superconductors LaPt$_{\mathbf{4}}$Ge$_{\mathbf{12}}$ and PrPt$_{\mathbf{4}}$Ge$_{\mathbf{12}}$

B. Bergk, J. Klotz, T. Förster, R. Gumeniuk, A. Leithe-Jasper, V. Lorenz, W. Schnelle, M. Nicklas, H. Rosner, Y. Grin, and J. Wosnitza

Spin-glass state and reversed magnetic anisotropy induced by Cr doping in the Kitaev magnet α-RuCl$_{\mathbf{3}}$

G. Bastien, M. Roslova, M. H. Haghighi, K. Mehlawat, J. Hunger, A. Isaeva, T. Doert, M. Vojta, B. Büchner, and A. U. B. Wolter

Spin eigenexcitations of an antiferromagnetic skyrmion

V. P. Kravchuk, O. Gomonay, D. D. Sheka, D. R. Rodrigues, K. Everschor-Sitte, J. Sinova, J. van den Brink, and Y. Gaididei

Neutron studies of gauge field and charge in Ih heavy-water ice

D. J. P. Morris, K. Siemensmeyer, J. Hoffmann, B. Klemke, I. Glavatskyi, K. Seiffert, D. A. Tennant, S. V. Isakov, S. L. Sondhi, and R. Moessner

Anatomy of skin modes and topology in non-Hermitian systems

C. H. Lee and R. Thomale

Theory of partial quantum disorder in the stuffed honeycomb Heisenberg antiferromagnet

U. F. P. Seifert and M. Vojta

Topological crystalline insulators from stacked graphene layers

S. K. Das, B. Yan, J. van den Brink, and I. C. Fulga

Magnetic anisotropy and spin-polarized two-dimensional electron gas in the van der Waals ferromagnet Cr$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ge$_{\mathbf{2}}$Te$_{\mathbf{6}}$

J. Zeisner, A. Alfonsov, S. Selter, S. Aswartham, M. P. Ghimire, M. Richter, J. van den Brink, B. Büchner, and V. Kataev

Two- and one-dimensional quantum spin Hall states in stanene-functionalized GaTe and InTe matrices

T. V. Menshchikova, I. P. Rusinov, P. Golub, I. Y. Sklyadneva, R. Heid, A. Isaeva, V. M. Kuznetsov, and E. V. Chulkov

Pressure-tuning the quantum spin Hamiltonian of the triangular lattice antiferromagnet Cs$_{\mathbf{2}}$CuCl$_{\mathbf{4}}$

S. A. Zvyagin, D. Graf, T. Sakurai, S. Kimura, H. Nojiri, J. Wosnitza, H. Ohta, T. Ono, and H. Tanaka

Rod motifs in neutron scattering in spin ice

C. Castelnovo and R. Moessner

Magnetization beyond the Ising limit of Ho$_{\mathbf{2}}$Ti$_{\mathbf{2}}$O$_{\mathbf{7}}$

L. Opherden, T. Herrmannsdörfer, M. Uhlarz, D. I. Gorbunov, A. Miyata, O. Portugall, I. Ishii, T. Suzuki, H. Kaneko, H. Suzuki, and J. Wosnitza

Quantum magnetism in minerals

D. Inosov

Dirac fermions and flat bands in the ideal kagome metal FeSn

M. Kang, L. Ye, S. Fang, J. You, A. Levitan, M. Han, J. I. Facio, C. Jozwiak, A. Bostwick, E. Rotenberg, M. K. Chan, R. D. McDonald, D. Graf, K. Kaznatcheev, E. Vescovo, D. C. Bell, E. Kaxiras, J. van den Brink, M. Prasad Ghimire, J. G. Checkelsky, and R. Comin

Charge-spin response and collective excitations in Weyl semimetals

S. Ghosh and C. Timm

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