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Polarization-dependent near-field phonon nanoscopy of oxides: ${\mathrm{SrTiO}}_{3}, {\mathrm{LiNbO}

Wehmeier, Lukas and Lang, Denny and Liu, Yongmin and Zhang, Xiang and Winnerl, Stephan and Eng, Lukas M. and Kehr, Susanne C.

Observation of bulk boundary correspondence breakdown in topolectrical circuits

Helbig, Tobias and Hofmann, Tobias and Imhof, Stefan and Abdelghany, Mohamed and Kiessling, Tobias and Molenkamp, Laurens W. and Lee, Ching Hua and Szameit, Alexander and Greiter, Martin and Thomale, Ronny

Room Temperature Initialisation and Readout of Intrinsic Spin Defects in a Van der Waals Crystal

Gottscholl, Andreas and Kianinia, Mehran and Soltamov, Victor and Bradac, Carlo and Kasper, Christian and Krambrock, Klaus and Sperlich, Andreas and Toth, Milos and Aharonovich, Igor and Dyakonov, Vladimir

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