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Wafer-Scale High-Quality Microtubular Devices Fabricated via Dry-Etching for Optical and Microelectronic Applications

Saggau, Christian N. and Gabler, Felix and Karnaushenko, Dmitriy D. and Karnaushenko, Daniil and Ma, Libo and Schmidt, Oliver G.
Advanced Materials, 2003252 (2020).

Demonstration of a two-dimensional ${\cal P}{\cal T}$-symmetric crystal

Kremer, Mark and Biesenthal, Tobias and Maczewsky, Lukas J. and Heinrich, Matthias and Thomale, Ronny and Szameit, Alexander
Nature Communications 10, 435– (2019).

Reciprocal skin effect and its realization in a topolectrical circuit

Hofmann, Tobias and Helbig, Tobias and Schindler, Frank and Salgo, Nora and Brzezińska, Marta and Greiter, Martin and Kiessling, Tobias and Wolf, David and Vollhardt, Achim and Kabaši, Anton and Lee, Ching Hua and Bilušić, Ante and Thomale, Ronny and Neupert, Titus
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023265 (2020).

Generalized bulk–boundary correspondence in non-Hermitian topolectrical circuits

Helbig, Tobias and Hofmann, Tobias and Imhof, Stefan and Abdelghany, Mohamed and Kiessling, Tobias and Molenkamp, Laurens W. and Lee, Ching Hua and Szameit, Alexander and Greiter, Martin and Thomale, Ronny
Nature Physics 16, 747–750 (2020).

Orbital-Driven Rashba Effect in a Binary Honeycomb Monolayer AgTe

Ünzelmann, Maximilian and Bentmann, Hendrik and Eck, Philipp and Kißlinger, Tilman and Geldiyev, Begmuhammet and Rieger, Janek and Moser, Simon and Vidal, Raphael C. and Kißner, Katharina and Hammer, Lutz and Schneider, M. Alexander and Fauster, Thomas and Sangiovanni, Giorgio and Di Sante, Domenico and Reinert, Friedrich
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 176401 (2020).

Correlating the Nanoscale Structural, Magnetic, and Magneto-Transport Properties in SrRuO3-Based Perovskite Thin Films: Implications for Oxide Skyrmion Devices

Malsch, Gerald and Ivaneyko, Dmytro and Milde, Peter and Wysocki, Lena and Yang, Lin and van Loosdrecht, Paul H. M. and Lindfors-Vrejoiu, Ionela and Eng, Lukas M.
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3, 1182-1190 (2020).


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Anatomy of skin modes and topology in non-Hermitian systems

Lee, Ching Hua and Thomale, Ronny
Phys. Rev. B 99, 201103 (2019).

Polarization-dependent near-field phonon nanoscopy of oxides: $SrTiO_3, LiNbO_3$, and $PbZr_0.2Ti_0.8O_3$

Wehmeier, Lukas and Lang, Denny and Liu, Yongmin and Zhang, Xiang and Winnerl, Stephan and Eng, Lukas M. and Kehr, Susanne C.
Phys. Rev. B 100, 035444 (2019).

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