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Detection of second-order topological superconductors by Josephson junctions

Zhang, Song-Bo and Trauzettel, Björn

Tomonaga–Luttinger liquid in the edge channels of a quantum spin Hall insulator

Stühler, R. and Reis, F. and Müller, T. and Helbig, T. and Schwemmer, T. and Thomale, R. and Schäfer, J. and Claessen, R.

Boundary-condition and geometry engineering in electronic hydrodynamics

Moessner, Roderich and Morales-Durán, Nicolás and Surówka, Piotr and Witkowski, Piotr

{Large resistivity reduction in mixed-valent CsAuBr3 under pressure}

Naumov, Pavel and Huangfu, Shangxiong and Wu, Xianxin and Schilling, Andreas and Thomale, Ronny and Felser, Claudia and Medvedev, Sergey and Jeschke, Harald O. and von Rohr, Fabian O.

{Internal screening and dielectric engineering in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene}

Pizarro, J. M. and Rösner, M. M. and Thomale, R. and Valentí, R. and Wehling, T. O.

{Orthogonal metal in the Hubbard model with liberated slave spins}

Hohenadler, Martin and Assaad, Fakher F.

{Transport properties of topologically non-trivial bismuth tellurobromides BinTeBr}

Pabst, Falk and Hobbis, Dean and Alzahrani, Noha and Wang, Hsin and Rusinov, I. P. and {Chulkov, V}, E. and Martina, Joshua and Ruck, Michael and Nolas, George S.

Superconductivity of Organic Charge-Transfer Salts

Wosnitza, J.

{Non-Abelian statistics in one dimension: Topological momentum spacings and SU(2) level-k fusion

Greiter, Martin and Haldane, F. D. M. and Thomale, Ronny

Structural and magnetic properties of $3d$ transition metal oxide chains on the (001) surfaces of Ir

Schmitt, Martin and Park, Chong H. and Weber, Paula and Jäger, Andreas and Kemmer, Jeannette and Vogt, Matthias and Bode, Matthias

Phase-tunable second-order topological superconductor

Franca, S. and Efremov, D. V. and Fulga, I. C.

Collapse of layer dimerization in the photo-induced hidden state of 1T-TaS2

Stahl, Quirin and Kusch, Maximilian and Heinsch, Florian and Garbarino, Gaston and Kretzschmar, Norman and Hanff, Kerstin and Rossnagel, Kai and Geck, Jochen and Ritschel, Tobias

Ultrafast molecular orbital imaging of a pentacene thin film using a free electron laser

Scholz, M. and Baumgärtner, K. and Metzger, C. and Kutnyakhov, D. and Heber, M. and Min, C. H. and Peixoto, T. R. F. and Reiser, M. and Kim, C. and Lu, W. and Shayduk, R. and Izquierdo, W. M. and Brenner, G. and Roth, F. and Pressacco, F. and Schöll, A. and Molodtsov, S. and Wurth, W. and Reinert, F. and Madsen, A.

Destruction of long-range order in non-collinear two-dimensional antiferromagnets by random-bond

Dey, Santanu and Andrade, Eric C. and Vojta, Matthias

Robust coherence phenomena and surface states in magnetically alloyed SmB6

Miao, Lin and Min, Chul-Hee and Xu, Yishuai and Kotta, Erica C. and Basak, Rourav and Song, M. S. and Kang, B. Y. and Cho, B. K. and Kißner, K. and Reinert, Friedrich and Chuang, Yi-De and Denlinger, Jonathan D. and Wray, L. Andrew

Heisenberg-Kitaev Models on Hyperhoneycomb and Stripyhoneycomb Lattices: 3D-2D Equivalence of Ord

Krüger, Wilhelm G. F. and Vojta, Matthias and Janssen, Lukas

On-demand thermoelectric generation of equal-spin Cooper pairs

Keidel, Felix and Hwang, Sun-Yong and Trauzettel, Björn and Sothmann, Björn and Burset, Pablo

Perfect Crossed Andreev Reflection in Dirac Hybrid Junctions in the Quantum Hall Regime

Zhang, Song-Bo and Trauzettel, Björn

Structural and stoichiometric modifications in ultrathin epitaxial $\mathrm{BaBiO}{}_{3}$ films

Zapf, M. and Elsässer, S. and Stübinger, M. and Scheiderer, P. and Geurts, J. and Sing, M. and Claessen, R.

Coupled-wire constructions: a Luttinger liquid approach to topology

Meng, Tobias

Nonclassical Optical Properties of Mesoscopic Gold

Großmann, Swen and Friedrich, Daniel and Karolak, Michael and Kullock, René and Krauss, Enno and Emmerling, Monika and Sangiovanni, Giorgio and Hecht, Bert

Topological electronic structure and intrinsic magnetization in MnBi$_4$Te$_7$: a Bi$_2$Te$_3$-de

Vidal, Raphael C. and Zeugner, Alexander and Facio, Jorge I. and Ray, Rajyavardhan and Haghighi, M. Hossein and Wolter, Anja U. B. and Bohorquez, Laura T. Corredor and Caglieris, Federico and Moser, Simon and Figgemeier, Tim and Peixoto, Thiago R. F. and Vasili, Hari Babu and Valvidares, Manuel and Jung, Sungwon and Cacho, Cephise and Alfonsov, Alexey and Mehlawat, Kavita and Kataev, Vladislav and Hess, Christian and Richter, Manuel and Büchner, Bernd and Brink, Jeroen van den and Ruck, Michael and Reinert, Friedrich and Bentmann, Hendrik and Isaeva, Anna

Nontrivial topological valence bands of common diamond and zinc-blende semiconductors

Rauch, Tomáš and Rogalev, Victor A. and Bauernfeind, Maximilian and Maklar, Julian and Reis, Felix and Adler, Florian and Moser, Simon and Weis, Johannes and Lee, Tien-Lin and Thakur, Pardeep K. and Schäfer, Jörg and Claessen, Ralph and Henk, Jürgen and Mertig, Ingrid

Topological superconductivity in Ni-based transition-metal trichalcogenide superconductors

Li, Yinxiang and Wu, Xianxin and Gu, Yuhao and Le, Congcong and Qin, Shengshan and Thomale, Ronny and Hu, Jiangping

Ground state and low-energy excitations of the Kitaev-Heisenberg two-leg ladder

Agrapidis, Cliò Efthimia and van den Brink, Jeroen and Nishimoto, Satoshi

On the Impact of Geometrical Factors on Hot Electron-Induced Tautomerization

Kügel, Jens and Zenger, Tim and Leisegang, Markus and Bode, Matthias

Mott quantum criticality in the one-band Hubbard model: Dynamical mean-field theory, power-law sp

Eisenlohr, Heike and Lee, Seung-Sup B. and Vojta, Matthias

Symmetric Improved Estimators for Continuous-time Quantum Monte Carlo

Kaufmann, Josef and Gunacker, Patrik and Kowalski, Alexander and Sangiovanni, Giorgio and Held, Karsten

Crystalline Weyl semimetal phase in Quantum Spin Hall systems under magnetic fields

Dominguez, Fernando and Scharf, Benedikt and Hankiewicz, Ewelina M.

Interacting topological edge channels

Strunz, Jonas and Wiedenmann, Jonas and Fleckenstein, Christoph and Lunczer, Lukas and Beugeling, Wouter and Müller, Valentin L. and Shekhar, Pragya and Ziani, Niccoló Traverso and Shamim, Saquib and Kleinlein, Johannes and Buhmann, Hartmut and Trauzettel, Björn and Molenkamp, Laurens W.

Anatomy of skin modes and topology in non-Hermitian systems

Lee, Ching Hua and Thomale, Ronny

New proposal for measuring the Hall viscosity in two-dimensional Fermi liquids

Matthaiakakis, Ioannis and Fernández, David Rodríguez and Tutschku, Christian and Hankiewicz, Ewelina M. and Erdmenger, Johanna and Meyer, René

Influence of a chiral chemical potential on Weyl hybrid junctions

Breunig, Daniel and Zhang, Song-Bo and Stehno, Martin and Trauzettel, Björn

Non-Local Annihilation of Weyl Fermions in Correlated Systems

Crippa, L. and Amaricci, A. and Wagner, N. and Sangiovanni, G. and Budich, J. C. and Capone, M.

Topological superconductivity in a phase-controlled Josephson junction

Ren, Hechen and Pientka, Falko and Hart, Sean and Pierce, Andrew T. and Kosowsky, Michael and Lunczer, Lukas and Schlereth, Raimund and Scharf, Benedikt and Hankiewicz, Ewelina M. and Molenkamp, Laurens W. and Halperin, Bertrand I. and Yacoby, Amir

Massive Dirac Fermion at the Surface of the van der Waals Antiferromagnet MnBi$_2$Te$_4$

Vidal, R. C. and Bentmann, H. and Peixoto, T. R. F. and Zeugner, A. and Moser, S. and Min, C. H. and Schatz, S. and Kissner, K. and Ünzelmann, M. and Fornari, C. I. and Vasili, H. B. and Valvidares, M. and Sakamoto, K. and Fujii, J. and Vobornik, I. and Kim, T. K. and Koch, R. J. and Jozwiak, C. and Bostwick, A. and Denlinger, J. D. and Rotenberg, E. and Buck, J. and Hoesch, M. and Diekmann, F. and Rohlf, S. and Kalläne, M. and Rossnagel, K. and Otrokov, M. M. and Chulkov, E. V. and Ruck, M. and Isaeva, A. and Reinert, F.

Magnon Landau levels and emergent supersymmetry in strained antiferromagnets

Nayga, Mary Madelynn and Rachel, Stephan and Vojta, Matthias

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