Cluster Retreat 2023 (Bayreuth)

Date & Facts

2022 Mar 2023

The Cluster Retreat 2023 takes place from 20 to 22 March 2023. It gives the involved research groups an opportunity to present their scientific findings in the framework of ct.qmat and discuss their work with peers, exchange ideas and ask questions in a familiar setting.


Venue: ARVENA Kongress Hotel, Eduard-Bayerlein-Straße 5a, 95445 Bayreuth



16 January Nomination of talk contributions by cluster members

01 February Online registration deadline (registration opened by 09 January)

20 February Announcement of talk & poster contributions (Version: 16032023)

27 February Announcement of the conference program (Version: 16032023)

10 March Submission of poster contributions and teaser slides (for the data format check out the section below)
20-22 March Cluster Retreat 2023
Submission of contributions via email at


Travel Information & Registration


There will be bus transportation organized from Dresden and Würzburg to Bayreuth. You can add this option during the registration process.

Registration is for free.


Please find below the times and points of departure. Please be at the bus station at least 15 minutes before the departure of the bus.

Monday appr. 8:30 am at Lukasplatz, Dresden

Monday appr. 9:45 am at Am Hubland, Würzburg - meeting point 10

Wednesday appr. 3:00 pm at ARVENA Kongress Hotel to Dresden, Lukasplatz

Wednesday appr. 3:00 pm at ARVENA Kongress Hotel to Würzburg, Am Hubland


Corona Rules (will be announced ahead of the retreat)


We will have a series of short talks by participants on their work within ct.qmat. There will also be a poster session and opportunities for the attendees to share their experience and advice.


Scientific Program Committee


Fakher Assaad (JMU Würzburg)

Cosma Fulga (IFW Dresden)

Elena Hassinger (TU Dresden)

Lukas Janssen (TU Dresden)

Adriana Pálffy-Buß (JMU Würzburg)

Michael Sing (JMU Würzburg)


Contribution requirements


All cluster members are encouraged to nominate one (or more) speaker(s) from their groups. Please consider this nomination when registering for the event. Talks should report progress on cluster-relevant topics or discuss/propose new research directions and ideas. Preference will be given to topics which foster interactions between different groups.


File types: PDF or Powerpoint

Layout: no special template is required, but please use our ct.qmat logo

Talk duration: 12 + 8 minutes



All poster contributions will be made accessible via password on the ct.qmat website after the event.


1. Submit your poster by 10 March

Layout: please use the ct.qmat template and our ct.qmat logo

Acceptable poster size: A0, portrait format

File types: PDF max. 5MB

File name: AffiliatedCenter_LastNamePresenter_Poster.pdf/jpg (e.g. UniWÜ_Curie_Poster.pdf/jpg)


2. Submit 2 slides for the poster teaser session by 10 March

Talk duration: up to 60 seconds (similar to an elevator pitch)

File type: PDF max. 2MB

File name: AffiliatedCenter_LastNamePresenter_Teaser.pdf (e.g. TUD_Curie_Teaser.pdf)

The guidelines for the slides for the poster teaser session can be found here.



If you have any questions regarding the conference program, the poster template, or the retreat in general, please contact us via email at


Picture: Meike Kratzer

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