Physics for everyone – ct.qmat science talks for the general public

Date & Facts

13 Nov 2022
05:00 pm – 08:00 pm


What? Three science talks for the broader public. Each talk is approx. 40 minutes long and will be given in German.


Where? Kulturwerkstatt Disharmonie in Schweinfurt.


Who? The talks will be given by three junior researchers from ct.qmat – Pablo Basteiro, Moritz Dorband and Anna-Lena Weigel.


The event is free of charge!


Physics far more complex than what we learn at school can often be found in sci-fi movies like Star Wars and TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. The science behind those pop cultural references is often some of the most enticing physics has to offer, and at the same time some of the least accessible to someone without a specialized scientific background. This is particularly the case for abstract concepts beyond warp drive and time traveling that can often only be described through mathematics. 


To bring fascinating physics closer to the general public, three junior scientists from ct.qmat have prepared three talks, each approximately 40 minutes long, on the fundamental physics behind quantum computers, the black hole information paradox and the possible final stages of the universe. The talks will be given in German and will not contain equations or require prior knowledge on the subjects at hand. Everyone that is interested is welcome and will have the chance to ask questions! 

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