Quantum Alliance community event for PhDs/postdocs

Date & Facts

1112 Nov 2020




ct.qmat is part of the Quantum Alliance, a consortium of quantum research centers and clusters in Germany. Together with the offices of the other participating clusters and centers, we are currently planning a community event for PhDs and postdocs within the Quantum Alliance, and we kindly invite all PhDs/postdocs to participate.
The event is scheduled for November 11 & 12 (14:00-18:00) and will take place online. It aims to give the chance to get an overview of the broad scope of quantum research in Germany, and to provide a platform for interacting with PhD students/postdocs from the other clusters/centers and getting to know their research (with no professors around). 
The event program is tailored to facilitate interaction between the participating PhDs and postdocs. It will include short introductions of the Quantum Alliance clusters and centers, poster sessions, and networking slots. We will set up virtual poster rooms (with 10-15 posters per cluster/center), and all poster presenters will have the opportunity to present a short (one-minute) “elevator pitch” of their poster in a joint session. In addition to this poster slam session, we will organize a “speed networking”, so you can get to know some of your colleagues from other clusters/centers, and a quiz.

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