ct.qmat at the science exhibition of DRESDEN-concept

Date & Facts

10 Oct 202030 Apr 2021


Atom by atom to new materials
10 October – 30 April, 2021

Goldene Pforte (Golden Gate) - Dresden's City Hall

Dr.-Külz-Ring 19, 01067 Dresden


What will the mobile phone of the future be made of? Researchers of the Dresden-Würzburg Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat are exploring the properties of new quantum materials, which reveal surprising phenomena under extreme conditions such as ultra-low temperatures, high pressure or strong magnetic fields. If research succeeds in making these phenomena usable under everyday conditions, quantum materials could allow for mobile phone components that drastically reduce energy consumption, significantly increase storage capacity, and enable unprecedented functions.


Under the title of "How will we live in the future?" DRESDEN-concept presents current cooperative research projects and innovative developments in the research fields of digitisation, living, climate & water, mobility, material and cultural heritage. Three peepholes and a QR Code invite to discover and understand the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat:


A revolutionary material made in Dresden is called manganese bismuth telluride – MnBi2Te4 for short. In a new YouTube video, Junior Professor Dr Anna Isaeva reports on the detective approach that she and her team took in searching for the synthesis conditions of manganese-bismuth telluride – and on the exciting possibilities it holds for the future. The crystal designed atom by atom is a magnetic topological insulator: Without losses, this material conducts electricity on its surface while it insulates inside. No strong external magnetic field is required as MnBi2Te4 brings its own magnetic field.


Click here to enjoy the virtual showcase and the YouTube video: ctqmat.de/showcase.

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