EDIpack: A parallel exact diagonalization package for quantum impurity problems

A. Amaricci, L. Crippa, A. Scazzola, F. Petocchi, G. Mazza, L. de Medici, and M. Capone


We present EDIpack, an exact diagonalization package to solve generic quantum impurity problems. The algorithm includes a generalization of the look-up method introduced in Ref. [1] and enables a massively parallel execution of the matrix-vector linear operations required by Lanczos and Arnoldi algorithms. We show that a suitable Fock basis organization is crucial to optimize the inter-processors communication in a distributed memory setup and to reach sub-linear scaling in sufficiently large systems. We discuss the algorithm in details indicating how to deal with multiple orbitals and electron-phonon coupling. Finally, we outline the download, installation and functioning of the package. Program summary Program title: EDIpack CPC Library link to program files: https://doi.org/10.17632/2hxhw9zjg9.1 Code Ocean capsule: https://codeocean.com/capsule/3537659 Licensing provisions: GPLv3 Programming language: Fortran, Python External dependencies: CMake (>=3.0.0), Scifortran, MPI Nature of problem: The solution of multi-orbital quantum impurity systems at zero or low temperatures, including the effective description of lattice models of strongly correlated electrons, are difficult to determine. Solution method: Use parallel exact diagonalization algorithm to compute the low lying spectrum and evaluate dynamical correlation functions.

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