Control of Emission Characteristics of Perovskite Lasers through Optical Feedback

A. Palatnik, C. Cho, C. Zhan, M. Sudzius, M. Kroll, S. Meister, and K. Leo


Recent progress on perovskite lasers has shown the large potential for such materials to become a basis for commercially available microlasers in the near feature. Herein, distributed feedback (DFB) lasers based on vacuum-processed CsPbBr$_3$ are investigated. The expansion of the DFB structure from 1D to 2D suppresses parasitic amplified spontaneous emission (ASE), resulting in the multiple-time-enhanced lasing output. Further, the photoluminescence and lasing behavior of 1D and 2D DFB structures are explored through the k-space imaging analysis.

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