Evolution of Structure and Electronic Correlations in a Series of BaT$_2$As$_2$ (T = Cr–Cu) Single Crystals

S. Selter, F. Scaravaggi, R. Kappenberger, M. Naumann, V. V. Romaka, M. Knupfer, S. Aswartham, A. U. B. Wolter, S. Wurmehl, and B. Büchner


We present a systematic study of the evolution of structural parameters and electronic correlations as a function of 3d band filling in a single crystal series of BaT$_2$As$_2$ (T = Cr–Cu). The structure trends are discussed in relation to the orbital occupation of the corresponding d elements supported by calculations of the charge density and electron localization function. Analysis of our specific heat data yields the mass enhancement (m*/m$_b$) throughout the series. By combining the structural data with the mass enhancement values, we find that the decrease in m*/mb for n > 5 follows an increase of the crystal field splitting, determined by the progressive distortion of the As–T–As angle from the ideal tetrahedral environment. This study finds a strong interplay between crystal structure, bonding behavior, band filling, and electronic properties.

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