Area B - Quantum Magnetism

Research area B is focused on materials and models of strongly interacting electrons, in particular those with local moments and non-trivial magnetic phenomena, together with their interplay with itinerant charge carriers as well as orbital and lattice degrees of freedom. Area B will tackle the following main goals: the search for and synthesis of novel magnetic quantum materials, the study and control of intertwined electronic orders, in particular in complex oxides and calchogenides, the creation and manipulation of nanostructures of quantum magnets, the investigation of quantum criticality in interacting topological systems beyond the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm as well as the detection and classification of interaction-driven topological phases.

Recent Publications

  • 23.03.2020
    14:43 Uhr

    The pyrochlore S=1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet at finite temperature

  • 23.03.2020
    14:42 Uhr

    Field-angle resolved magnetic excitations as a probe of hidden-order symmetry in CeB6

  • 23.03.2020
    14:34 Uhr

    High-field phase transitions in the orbitally ordered multiferroic $GeV_4S_8$

  • 23.03.2020
    14:26 Uhr

    Spin-lattice coupling in a ferrimagnetic spinel: Exotic $H-T$ phase diagram of $MnCr_2S_4$ up to 110

  • 23.03.2020
    14:20 Uhr

    $(k,n)$-fractonic Maxwell theory

  • 23.03.2020
    14:12 Uhr

    Analytical theory of pyrochlore cooperative paramagnets

  • 23.03.2020
    12:51 Uhr

    Observation of giant spin-split Fermi-arc with maximal Chern number in the chiral topological sem

  • 23.03.2020
    12:00 Uhr

    Non-Abelian chiral spin liquid on a simple non-Archimedean lattice

  • 23.03.2020
    11:55 Uhr

    Strain-engineered higher-order topological phases for spin-$\frac{3}{2}$ Luttinger fermions

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